Based in Korea, Post Archive Faction(PAF) is steadily spreading their deconstructive and futuristic fashion campaigns throughout the world. Instead of using the word ‘season’ they chose to use the word ‘archive’ or ‘campaign’ and fabricate new structural formula through evolving archives. They aim to... Read More
For some seasons now, green has been the star of the show. And by green we don’t mean the color, nor a specific dye, but rather a course of action. Green is a synonym of sustainability, something long forgotten by fashion brands that has,... Read More
This topic is not new in the headlines of the most prestigious fashion magazines. The words genderless, genderfluid or agender are already familiar to all of us, although some of us are still in the “extravagant” era. Digging deep into the matter, two doubts... Read More
It’s a phenomenon of our generation – meticulously capturing every moment as if it could evaporate into nothingness. Hardly a day goes by without shooting our food, our clothes or the latest expensive purchase, showcasing to the digital community in the right light, with... Read More

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