Finding THE Italian pizza right next to the office, a 21st-century rap song by Arón Piper, and the best fusion between Formula 1 and Paris Fashion Week. By Sara Jurado


This Paris Fashion Week is perhaps one of the most digital fashion weeks to date, brands, mansions and designers have created real wonders to share them in streaming to the entire globe. As a fan of motorsport and Formula 1, the Casablanca brand is known for having made the boom after dressing J Balvin and other world-famous singers, this FW21 collection is based on the essence of F1 and the afterparty afterward, the warmth of a casino, the 70-80s. One of my favorite looks is 19 which combines a trench coat with evening details and a top with pyjamas style pants, representing the perfect fusion between elegance and comfort, between the excitement of the Grand Prix and the creativity of the fashion world.

© Courtesy of Casablanca


Unity is strength, and in the case of the documentary Pretend It’s a City there is no doubt that this has been the case. From the more than recognized director Martin Scorsese, creator of cinematographic works such as The Wolf of Wall Street, The Irishman or One of Ours, together with the writer, humorist and more than ironic Fran Lebowitz, they tell in an intimate and analytical documentary about New York City, the tourists, the subway, the arts and the hatred towards Times Square.

LA pizza Bartali of Bicioci Bike Cafè

At the end of 2020, I started to frequent Gracià, the most creative, inspirational and cool neighborhood in Barcelona. And as always I got hungry – for those who know me know that my days are differentiated between the days I eat pasta and/or pizza or not (fries are also included in my favorite delicacy, but I’ll leave that for another list) – and I just came across Bicioci Bike Café, a small but bike-filled bar cafè with a very top retro style, run by an Italian trentañera and huge pizzas that look amazing. So I decided to drop by one Friday after work and try the Bartali pizza, neither too thin nor too fluffy, with its parmesan, bacon and a fried egg. Is there any greater pleasure? I doubt it.

© Irene Fernandez / BICIOCI

Arón Piper’s talent is not (only) acting

For those of you who have been confined and Netflix-less (the 0.1% of the population) you may not know who Arón Piper is from Élite, The Mess You Leave Behind and more cinematic repertoire. To my surprise, I stumbled upon a song by Arón, a mix of classic rap (which I’ve adored since I was about 11 years old) with an eclectic touch – you know – the kind that makes you think. The song ‘Todo’ is like a hymn against the XXI century, with millions of followers it is difficult not to receive criticism, with phrases like “you have to walk many miles to start hesitating” marks the end of the criticism, the social-digital sabotage that we all (to a greater or lesser extent) suffer. Therefore, I believe that to write songs like this (he has been doing it for many years) you must have your feet on the ground and if it has made me think, it has inspired me, it is worth sharing this song with you.

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