Discover Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 20

The Louis Vuitton Men collection for autumn-winter 2020 was presented in mid-January at the men’s fashion week in Paris, in the Jardin des Tuileries to be exact.  “Heaven on Earth” is the name of this installment and its most recent campaign.

Virgil used the clouds as a metaphor to express freedom, unity and peace.  Evading restrictions, territory, and possession, they are dreamlike bodies floating in the sky, universally observed across borders and beliefs.  The designer applied his premise of ‘Boyhood’, as a way of seeing the world through the pure eyes of a child, something we also saw in his new installment of spring-summer 2021.

This campaign was photographed by the legendary Tim Walker in London (his hometown) in a room with sky wallpaper, with gold frames and baroque finishes.  Tim put this vision into a surreal lens based on this metaphorical language about the clouds and the designer’s core values ​​for the home.

Showing a dream world that transcends prejudices as a goal to inspire inclusion and unity in diversity, through his work.  Here, it is based on the general philosophy of Black Imagination, a transformative process that invites us to rethink and demolish the expectations inherited from our past, and often unconscious, linked to black identities throughout history and thus create a better awareness about  black culture, for the present and the future.  In addition to being a representation within fashion and luxury.

This campaign also adds its support to young, creative talent from all the arts, different disciplines, inviting British actor Michael Ward and Ghanaian model Ottawa Kwami, to be part of this new language.

In this installment we can see an anthropological study of the costume and the new traditional dress codes.  Virgil makes an investigation into the lives of young people and their relationship with formal garments such as the jacket and shirt.

As an exercise towards freedom and sartorial traditions, he finds a balance in these pieces, which sets aside the corporate style of a classic suit.  Which also complements it with its most iconic bags such as the Soft Trunk or the Keepall and Horizon briefcases with its classic hologram.  We can also see some shoes that are covered in the cloud print, in addition to the suits.

But the prints are not the only thing in this collection, we can also see some color contrasts such as hot pink, dramatic cropped coats and double-breasted formal suit jackets.

Virgil has shown a world full of imagination, color and complete freedom with this collection.  As well as a new language, renewing the dress codes for the modern man.  We will be in the sights of this creative for his next proposals.

Photo credits: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

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