Les Fleurs Studio is oficially opened by its Founder, Designer and talented Stylist Maria Bernad

In 2017 the renowned Maria Bernad – stylist and influential person in the fashion world at national and international level – launched a new project under the name Les Fleurs. A vintage and upcycling shop, which over time also introduced Maria Bernad’s own designs.

Today, Les Fleurs Studio is officially launched, a sales and information platform that promotes the work of designers and firms with the same goal of commitment to sustainability, through upcycling, recycling and vintage pieces.

Les Fleurs Studio ‘NATURE’ first campaign. 

During these three years, Les Fleurs has created a reference for social commitment in the world of fashion unprecedented until now.

Les Fleurs Studio is launched with a solid community – created during these three years – and with art and creative talent as its banner, where emerging designers, craftsmen and artists will have their space to share their creations. The perfect place where to unite the best of all artistic disciplines to give visibility to creative projects and unique pieces, while caring for the environment and putting in value the craftsmanship and caring for mother nature, respecting all processes since its creation, creating sustainable and ethical e-commerce.

Les Fleurs Studio ‘NATURE’ first campaign. 
© Jean Amb/ Courtesy of Les Fleurs Studio

Maria Bernad has created the only existing platform of vintage and upcycled products, a reference point that fills in times of change, of breaking the rules, of getting out of the molds, and of being aware, now more than ever, of what is worth taking care of the place where we live and where we come from.

To find more about the new platform and its designers https://lesfleurstudio.com/

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