Little big obsession called Eéra

Eéra is the great little obsession that has invaded the world of social networks and influencers in less than a year. A risk that has not only ended up being a success but a revolution led by Chiara Capitani and Romy Balanga. For those who still do not know the name, in short, it is the new find in high-end jewelry.

Take inspiration from an everyday object that could never be related to the sector, or at least we could not have imagined it. Something as elementary as a hook carabiner that becomes and gives way to a trendy piece, the candy of the it-girls, and an unimaginable success of high jewelery.

Eéra launches her first collection in 2019, it includes earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets, but she is undoubtedly enjoying success with her star piece: the Chiara model earring. A unique piece in gold, silver and diamonds, with brilliant designs and colors, fluorine, gold and even sapphires. With one, double or triple carabiner, totally customizable with artisanal essence. A piece so unique that it is sold individually, because it is not a matter of wearing earrings, but of showing off exclusivity. The singularity that after such success will be a jeweler’s basic for those who have reached the pocket.

The Milan-founded brand, and with inspiration that travels straight from a vintage store in Japan, is in its entirety the redefinition of today’s jewelry. It is groundbreaking, exclusive and the beginning of a new era. An everyday, banal object simply becomes luxury; the eccentric fluorine color enters the world of jewelry in an unprecedented way. Without a doubt this is a revolution.

In addition to bringing new designs, Eéra dominates the new trends. Just as textiles, footwear and accessories had already joined the fluorine elements in full swing, jewelry was still slow to start. Eéra not only elevates fine jewelry to new designs, it puts it in a setting where it has never been found before.

To all this, it is necessary to add the talent and ingenuity of new young entrepreneurs. Those with new weapons are taking the reins of a mutiny that will have repercussions in the future of the sector: a mutation based on craftsmanship that will forever alter the idea of ​​luxury, design, communication and sales.

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