Photo Credits: Courtesy of TwoJeys

TwoJeys, the unisex brand presents its new collection “Trust No One” by Manu Ríos

Trust No One by Manu Ríos is a collection founded by the influencers Joan Margarit and Biel Juste in collaboration with Manu Ríos.

Under the concept that we all have a half angel/half evil side inside us, Trust No One by Manu Ríos pays tribute to this idea. The outcome of this has been a spectacular collection designed along the influencer Ríos -who has been part of the entire creation process-, consisting of 5 necklaces, 3 rings and 1 earring.

Trust No One by Manu Ríos is an unisex collection that puts aside genders and cultures. TwoJeys has wanted to stand out the instinctive and human part that is in everyone of us. The collection, created by pieces in sterling silver and gold, has been conscientiously designed to reflect the brand’s philosophy as well as the influencer’s personality.

After six long months of creation, TwoJeys traveled to Bardenas, the Spanish Arizona, to create the images of the campaign with Ríos, where talented and desert came together to record and photograph Trust No One by Manu Ríos.

TJ’s style gives what a jewelry brand has never shown until now. Artisan pieces designed from the need to be part of something, regardless of genders, races or cultures; leaving behind the concept of gender. That is the unique and intangible value of belonging and feeling part of something.

To see the entire collection:

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