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As social isolation and quarantine measures drag on, the uncertainty about the future continues to linger in our minds. Perhaps you are lounging on the couch in your favorite sweatpants, ordering take-out for the hundredth time this week. Or maybe you spend your time dressing up and pretending you are on a summer getaway. Whatever the situation might be, sometimes we all need a break and some inspiration in these trying times. So, when you are tired from redecorating your room or reading up on the news, here are 10 of my favorite Instagram accounts (in no particular order) that can hopefully take your mind off of things when reality becomes too much to handle.


Think Harry Potter, but high fashion. Ron Weasley in Dior S/S20 newspaper print, Dumbledore rocking the signature saddlebag, Dobby donning Coco Neige—everything you never knew you needed masterfully photoshopped to serve major looks on your feed. I am completely in love with this account and my inner Potterhead is demanding a remake of the series with these looks.

Curated by the creative content studio Love Watts (@love.watts), is full of stunning images of places you would want to spend the rest of your life in. It is a great account to follow for interiors inspiration, aesthetic appreciation, or ideas for the vacation you are definitely going on after the lockdown is over.

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Vintage fashion and thrifting have become increasingly popular these few years. While most people focus on the clothes themselves, the label is something that is usually missed and at times, even cut out. From the ominous “three girls running …,” to the relatable “passing4sane,” to the inspirational “don’t follow the crowd,” @label.stable documents some of the most hilarious and quirky vintage labels. They don’t make it like they used to.

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As its name suggests, this account is just for shoes and chairs. Geometric sofas and baguette heels, I never knew shoes and chairs could be so aesthetically pleasing together. Photographer Sophia Li is the mastermind behind this curation and thanks to her feed, I have also developed a slight obsession with Margiela Tabis.

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There is no better time to get existentialist than in the middle of a pandemic. But no one said you can’t enjoy your existentialist thoughts as texts on a Botticelli painting. @textsfromyourexistentialist turns depressing thoughts into art. The juxtaposition of relatable texts on beautiful images might just curb that existential anxiety, at least for a bit.


Boobie is an Italian Greyhound Chihuahua that has a wardrobe worthy of any other fashion influencer. Her impressive mini bag collection featuring Jacquemus’ Chiquito and vintage Vuittons, her 1.5 sized Balenciaga kicks, and her color-coded fits make her one of the most stylish dogs on Instagram. Follow her and you won’t be disappointed. Boobie, my forever style icon.


From behind-the-scenes shots, to famous movie scenes, to award show red carpets, @cineiconic documents all types of iconic looks from film. I initially followed for Timothée Chalamet compilations but stayed for all the 90s and early 00s throwbacks. Not only do the throwback pictures inspire nostalgia, but they also serve as great fashion inspiration and mood board material. Plus, they are just pictures of beautiful human beings.


This is an entire Instagram account dedicated to the different hands seen on the New York City subway. Manicured hands grabbing onto the handrails, tired hands holding a baby, tattooed hands curled around each other—there is something about these close-up shots that seem oddly intimate. They give glimpses into the lives of strangers and make the concrete jungle that is New York seem just a bit warmer—a slice of humanity we all need in times of isolation.


You can think of @popmyeyes as a huge mood board full of amazing and unique art. Art that is sometimes disturbing and always provoking. It features various creators and artists on its feed, which makes it a great account to follow for exposure to a wide range of art and genres. To put it simply like its bio states, this account is a curation of “awesome shit.”


I’m not sure if it’s the uncertainty that comes with living in a pandemic or just the general anxiety that comes with living, but astrology has become more appealing to me than ever.  Co-Star’s witty, minimalist posts are definitely a great alternative to reading traditional horoscopes. It is a fun way to feel connected with a group of people who share similar traits as you, even if you don’t fully believe in “the science” behind it. Whether it’s a hit or a miss, Co-Star predictions are a great way to build community, a sense of belonging, and spark conversations.

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Check Sun/Mars

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