Revolutionary and talented brands to follow

It is time to dynamize the conversation, to show the concern for knowing and making known, to go from being irreverent to be relevant, to build a story to be heard. To make fashion our refuge of dreams, which fleetingly anticipates the illusion that everything will turn out well.

Appealing to these features and making a portrait of what fashion is, being one of the most powerful economic motors in the world and the second that pollutes the most. It is necessary to unite the words fashion and revolution, which perhaps, at first sight, do not make the perfect match, but without a doubt, fashion is a reflection of social changes, as much or more than any other industry.

It is said that we are living through the fourth revolution – now more than ever at full speed and without many more options – driven by technology, sustainability, the environment and evolution in textiles and fibers. According to the dictionary’s definition “revolution is an abrupt social or political change” and we cannot be in a bigger paradigm change to talk about revolution.

The fashion scene is in constant and convulsive evolution, where fashion always has something to say, it is a pleasure to be able to present the revolutionary and talented brands that have something to show and to make us participate, once again, in the need to break with the status quo, to give way to a symbolic voyage through different countries and brands that join: talent, revolution and quality.

From the already iconic made in Spain to the majesty of the city that never sleeps, New York. On the way to Denmark where Copenhagen is becoming a hub of contemporary fashion, making a stop in England, the English queen of the street style revolution and the birthplace of new designers.

We then travel to four countries and seven brands that have shown that revolution and talent are a sign of an inseparable and necessary relationship. Fasten your seatbelts, the trip starts now.

With “made in Spain” becoming more popular than ever, and with the desire for the Mediterranean Sea coming to the minds of dreamers and summer lovers, the two brands below are born.


Photo credits: Courtesy of Mietis Studio

Mietis was launched in 2017 by the hand of María Fontanellas, who after studying fashion in Milan and with a sensitivity for geometric and colorful shapes, focused her creative talent on creating Mietis, a versatile luxury brand. With a family heritage of over 60 years in the craft of handbags and garments of the highest quality, she decided to embark on an adventure, where color, geometry and freshness are the brand’s DNA.

All its products are produced in Spain, halfway between Ubrique, where the bags are made, and Barcelona, where there is a workshop specializing in clothing. Besides having its own Espai Mietis in Barcelona, a flagship store where you can customize the pieces of the brand, and where you can enjoy talks, workshops and events.

Mietis has also received the award for Best Emerging Designer in the brand’s debut at 080 Barcelona Fashion in 2017 and a complete look from the first collection has been added to the permanent collection of the Design Museum in Barcelona.

Official website:


Photo credits: Courtesy of EsFascinante

Ynés Suelves is the brand of the same name by its young designer, who after studying at the Marangoni Institute in London, the city that has inspired her as an intercultural epicenter. She designs pieces that reflect soul and truth, and that adapt to the personality of the person who wears them.

She was awarded as “Best Designer of the Year” at the university, and from that moment on she created her own brand in which among her designs stand out silk shirts with a touch of summer, even jeans – already iconic – with a rose in the back pocket and velvet bags. A selection of the pieces can also be found on the Spanish slow fashion portal EsFascinante, a community that promotes Spanish talent, with sustainable design and handcrafted fashion brands and designers.

Ynés Suelves has been named a finalist in the IX edition of Who’s On Next 2020, the Vogue competition that this year was held telepathically on March 28 within the chaos and uncertainty of the Coronavirus. Good news that comes to give impulse and illusion to this young designer.

Official website:

We say goodbye to the warm Mediterranean to make way for the new hub of contemporary fashion, Copenhagen.


Photo credits: Courtesy of Cecilie Bahnsen

Cecilie Bahnsen was born in 2015, after studying at the Royal College of Art in London and working in couture houses in Paris. After being a finalist in the LVMH Prize, motivated by this position, she returned to her hometown to create a brand between ready-to-wear and haute couture. A brand with relaxed, timeless pieces that combine with architectural volumes to offer contemporary and feminine designs.

After five years creating collections, her identity stamp is the romantic, voluminous pieces, with natural shapes and fresh air, considered one of the most recognized designers of the Danish city, breaking with other rules and offering high-quality pieces with special textures and materials. In her latest collection Spring 2020 presented in Copenhagen, she surprised with mini dresses made of feathers in colors such as white, black and pink, organza dresses and eclectic tight smokings, breaking the rules that Cecilie was familiar with.

Official website:


Photo credits: Courtesy of Blanche

Blanche was born from Mette Fredin and Melissa Bech, both known for their background in the fashion world, joined their fashion vision to create Blanche in 2017, defined as a sustainable prêt-à-porter denim brand.

Combining the sophistication of the French style incorporated in the name – Blanche is white in French – and contemporary Danish minimalism, without getting carried away by the trends of the moment and creating pieces to have a long life. Blanche is a brand made by and for women, with quality based on sustainability and recycling, most of its materials are GOTS certified.

The last Autumn/Winter 2020 collection, Blanche has collaborated with renowned French fashion house Christian Lacroix for a capsule collection. An innovative collection, where looks are the perfect combination of the temporality of Nordic fashion and French sophistication; raw power and soft sensuality.

Official website:


Photo credits: Courtesy of 79hour

79hour is a jewelry brand founded in 2019 by the Danish Queen with almost one million followers, Josefine Haaning Jensen together with her sister Linette. 79hour represents the Golden hour, referring to the atomic number in the periodic table, where the number 79 is gold.

The signature is solid chains, from bracelets and necklaces to earrings, gold and silver jewelry. Simplicity and exuberance in jewels, which Josefine has combined in a sophisticated and elegant way. If for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast with Diamonds she was convinced that diamonds were a woman’s best friend, now it’s the turn of the maxi chains, being the best partner for women to combine with the male version of oversized suits, boyfriend style shirts or a dress with shoulder pads.

Official website:

And from the minimalist Scandinavian style to rock’n’roll and the eclectic London.


Photo credits: Courtesy of Isidore Montag /

Rokh was launched in 2016 by Rok Hwang, the Korea-born designer that defines himself as ‘Artisanal Imperfection’.  Roth is a conceptual art, focused on technical and traditional skills. After studying menswear design at Central Saint Martins, he decided to study womenswear design. After graduating, he was selected to join Phoebe Pilo’s team at Céline – working for three years with the iconic designer – where he introduced a sophisticated and modern style to women’s collections. Later, he continued to work with fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, learning about craftsmanship and production, to gain the experience necessary to create his own brand.

The Fall 2020 ready-to-wear collection featured 50 looks, including blacks, patchwork gabardines, floral prints and a trend that’s been the most popular in streetwear in the last fashion weeks, the cut-out.

He was the finalist of the LVMH Prize and the winner of the 2010 MA Womenswear award from Central Saint Martins in 2010.

Official website:

From the non-stop British city to the American dream and the huge skyscrapers, New York.


Photo credits: Courtesy of Daniele Oberracuh /

Christopher John Rogers is the designer who has dressed Michelle Obama, Cardi B or Rihanna. Born in the Cajun state of Louisiana, he started designing in 2016 under request from his studio in Brooklyn. It was in 2020, after winning the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award, that he launched his brand through Net-A-Porter and Forty-Five Ten.

Christopher John Rogers is the designer of dramatic cinema, where the level of execution of each of his pieces is highly technical and structured. He makes designs that scream, that want to be heard, majestic shoulder pads and neon colors.

The latest Fall 2020 collection presented during Fashion Week at New Work – just three months ago – was a declaration of purpose,  the intention to make a difference.

And as Red Hot Chili Peppers sang in Did I Let You Know “the planet does another revolution”.

Official website:

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