Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jiri Kalfar

Jiri Kalfar: When the designer dictates the rules

The fashion industry has changed. Consumers are demanding more from brands and the designers who have understood this are the ones who will stand up when the industry shakes up.

Jiri Kalfar has always understood this, so when the international media and large corporations choose him as one of the emerging designers to watch, it is not surprising but rather agreeable.

Jiri Kalfar has achieved what many designers seek in their collections, to completely innovate in concept and design, combining haute couture with a passion for environmental consciousness and sustainability.

His collections, which have already been presented at the London and recently New York Fashion Weeks, are not only successful because of their values, but also because of their exquisite design, which in some way pays tribute to movement.

His roots as a ballet dancer have given him a special look and delicacy that make him understand the elegance of motion. His passion for sustainability has led him to use ethically-sourced materials in his collections, with the aim of reducing his carbon footprint to zero.

Jiri Kalfar is the perfect example that a conscious industry with solid values is possible, all it takes is a deep desire and motivation to fight  for change.

His FW20 collection, Eden- Eden finds its inspiration in the beauty of what our planet once was: “a garden – a paradise – where flora and fauna flourished and where nature existed in sync and was respected by human kind”.

Jiri looks back to that utopian era and pays tribute with romanticism to that nature that today seems distant.

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Photo Credits: Courtesy of Jiri Kalfar

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