Study online while on lockdown

The period of struggling and difficult if not completely absent social life has come. We have seen this scenes just on movies or TV series such as Black Mirror or Apocalypse.

So we have to find an alternative to support ourselves during the lockdown. Physically streaming fitness trainers can definitely help but we also need to feed our mind.

In order to help to stay inside with a plan while on lockdown, many online courses are taking place and most of them are free as well. Some of them are very peculiar and can really improve your resume to restart faster than others the research for a new job when all will be finished.

We have done a researching on the online offers for courses and we came up with a list of the best ones, whether you would want to increase your expertise in Fashion, History, Art or Business. Most of the courses have a schedule of eight to twelve classes with a duration of three or four weeks. This can be, however adjusted to your preference of pace as you can speed it up and finish them in two weeks or take it slowly and finish it during the summer.

Coming up next, you can find the selected courses:


The online platform, Coursera, has free courses with possibilities to get even certificates.

Here you can vary the subject from History courses, languages, writing skills and so on. The very fascinating courses vary from the Korean first step, with the Yonsei University to the English email professional writing skills or even Exploring Beethovenâs Piano Sonatas.

Furthemore we do have another fantastic option, this time it is an online visit to one of the most significant figure in the European Renaissance, Raffaello Sanzio, 1483-1520. Through the “Scuderie del Quirinale” you can get access to the online exhibition available till the end of May and see the most important operas of the artist.


Edx is the second portal for online courses which stays very close to Coursera courses, however with a larger choice of courses. Some of the courses represented in here are directed from Harvard University, Richmond University and other very well known academies. We have chosen for you , during this difficult times, not only due to the lack of roaming which we aren’t used but also to the lack of manoeuvre for our minds to propose you the “Science of Happiness at Work”, a very elegant way to boost your spaces.


Galerie Joseph offers with loads of online courses proposed to spend your quarantine in a very unusual way with the benefit of being able to concentrate without the usual rhythm of strict work timetables and meetings. On this online course you will be able to visit a good amount of galleries as well, spaces where you, as an artist could host one. On the list there are some examples such as the 49 Rue de Tourelles,7 Rue Bachaumont or 51 Rue de Toulenne all in the centre of Paris.


Masterclass offers a variety of courses: some dedicated to music and entertainment, writing, design, photography, fashion, among others. A design and fashion resource which can be a life changing for someone, the amount and mostly, quality of the courses is great. Here you can find free lessons or buy 2 passes for 200$ which will allow you to get courses throughout the whole year. Kelly Wearstler inspired us with the Interior Design course, while the Garry Kasparov, ex Chess World Champion, is teaching his secrets for the game of Chess.


MoMA offers unbelievable courses as well hosted by artists and designers with collections and exhibitions ready for the learner. MoMA itself offers free classes, hosted by International artists on the Modern art touching the society and the way to see life through photographs, an inspiring view from the very best ones. One of the most famous courses is the “Contemporary Art”, with a selection between 70 to 80 masterpieces discovered through the Artist’s eyes between 1980 and today.


If you are very much into sports you won’t miss the online courses offered by Class Central, a platform where you can find free courses and others with a small fee, developing all aspects of the Nutrition and Football. One of them available for free and starting soon is the one about “The History of English Football”. It will not only discuss the historic World Cup won by England back in 1966 but all the times Football affected the Kingdom.


To finish, we want to present you the FutureLearn online courses, probably the most unique and interesting course could be the one titled “Explore Japanese Avant-Garde through Butoh Dance”. The nowadays, worldwide famous dance has its origins in the postwar area, when free form of dance were developed in the United States and all around the world. A factor that led to the creation of Butoh was the western art and culture. In order to get deeper into knowing why and how it developed in Japan rather than in France for instance you need to get in to the course!

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