We’ve been here since forever. We were told to stay in the tower waiting for someone to save us while we learned about manners, love and caring. Women learned to be perfect-in some kind of way but maybe, just maybe, we’re tired of the same long and boring story.

Women in TV shows have always been portrayed as an object, as a treasure ready to be found, no matter what. We were the ones who kept the house clean and when not, we were going shopping or talking about boys. I mean, always about boys. And when it seemed that everything was lost, there was the prototypic character of that police officer who wanted to be the chief of their department that always ran on high heels and was the love interest of another buddy. Oh, and never forget the rude, selfish and stone-cold boss of a company that always was portrayed as the villain. And both were incredibly flawless.

The problem with those characters is not only that we’re written by and for man, is that they tried to be feminist. They tried to empower the woman moving her to male roles, like “hey, of course women can do the same things as men” but in a sexy, bossy way. They taught us that if you want to be someone in this world, you have to do it like a man (or for a man). They told us that if you were strong enough to be a police officer (or even an alien hunter) you have to be in love, if you didn’t want your life to be incomplete. They made us believe that if you were totally empowered and run a company by yourself, you were the villain and of course, you were totally undesirable. That “hey, it’s not a big deal”, but try to change this message to a child that is growing up in a society who tells her that it’s better to sit down, look beautiful and be effortless while waiting for the prince.

All those TV shows tried to tell us how to be.

But at some point, something has changed. At some point, we jumped off the tower and started to run, leaving the hero behind.

The thing is that we became self-aware of our voice. We decided to stop everything and say “We are here”.  We started to write our stories, we started to portray the woman as they really are: woman. They aren’t trying to be anything else. The TV shows that are known as feminist are trying to tell us that you could be anything: Fleabag? You can fall in love with a priest and still be bad, feeling the pressure of the society telling you who you have to be. The handmaids’ tale? Everyone can start a revolution in a future that we’re just objects. Glow? In a world that wanted to treat you only as a doll, you can fight for your future and to be yourself, no matter what. And, of course, that we need no man, no love story, dream to be ourselves, to feel realized.

We can be bad, good, feminine, manly, rich, we can love shopping, we can like football, we can absolutely love sex, we can love whoever we want, even without renouncing to our lives. They teach us that being women is more than just a body.

Being a woman, it’s not being only the princess. It’s being whatever you want to be. Or even everything at once. We have the voice to spread it and TV shows to demonstrate it.

Men, everything has changed now. You can sit down and watch.

Now we fight the dragon, we conquer the tower, we run away or we return to the castle all alone if we want. Now we tell our stories.

We’re here. And we’ll be here forever.

Here is the trailer of Fleabag, the british series which shows the reality of a true woman, her problems and intimacies are shared without filters.

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