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Paris unveils its latest department store

The Samaritaine reopens on Paris’s right bank in April after a 15-year closing

The French luxury group LVMH is wrapping up its latest project in Paris. The department store La Samaritaine celebrates its 150 years in 2020 and is due to reopen in April.

Created in 1870 by Ernest Cognacq and Louise Jaÿ, La Samaritaine used to be one of the most prominent and famous department stores of the capital — with the Bon Marché. After more than a century of success, LVMH bought the store in 2001 and closed it in 2005 for security reasons.

Situated between the Seine and the Rue de Rivoli in the 1st arrondissement, the Samaritaine has always been one of Paris’s Art Déco historic landmarks. The new store will expand over 70,000m2 (753,000 ft2) and become a living space more than just a department store.

Indeed, the project is enormous. It will consist of a shopping center — featuring the biggest beauty department in Paris — but not only. Six hundred brands will be displayed and the final space will welcome a spa, a beauty studio, a food hall of 12 restaurants and cafés as well as the first Cheval Blanc hotel in Paris, making it the new luxury destination in the City of Lights.

Yet the project is also willing to give back as 97 social housings and a nursery will be part of the final construction and 4400 new jobs have been created. The renovations cost no more than €750 million (£624 million) and have been going on for 15 years instead of the six initially planned.

The 10-story exterior has also been reshaped and the Japanese agency Sanaa is responsible for it. In less than two months, Paris will welcome its latest real estate addition, propelling the city to a new decade full of innovation and modernity.

Photo credit by LVMH

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