Broken barriers, Broken heart

Mashrou ‘Leila is a Lebanese alternative rock group, consisting of four members. It was created in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2008, as a music workshop at the American University of Beirut. The group, led by Hamed Sinno, one of the co-founders, has published a studio album with lyrics and satirical themes, which has aroused great controversy.

Mashrou ’Leila, with its vindictive lyrics about dreams and injustices. Shim el Jasmine, the Jasmine Perfume, mark and marked a stage of discovery of love between different people, who fought to get ahead.

“Shim el Jasmine” talks about an impossible love, between two men because of the culture and religion of the country in which they live.

This song has been one of the most outstanding of his entire career.

The lyrics excite any listener who can understand the lyrics and anyone who has searched for their translation. The song is poetic and sad, but with great force. We could say it’s a song of those that make you cry:

Smell the jasmine
Taste the molasses
And remember to remember me Brother don’t forget me
My love, my prize

I would have liked to keep you near me
Introduce you to my parents, have you crown my heart Cook your food, sweep your home
Spoil your kids, be your housewife

But you’re in your house, and I’m in another house God, I wish I had never let you go

Smell the jasmine
And remember to forget me.

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