The revolution that Hunter Schafer takes beyond Generation Z and the crown as a shemale icon.

Main character of one of HBO’s latest greatest tv shows, runway model for Maison Margiela, Dior or Miu Miu, LGTBI community activist, transsexual icon and key figure of the Generation Z at 20 years. This is Hunter Schafer.

This could be the start and end of a short article, concise and resounding article by a celebrity who to this day it’s in the mouth of the current generation, the past generation, and probably, the generations to come. A personality that, thanks to changes and reforms carried out for decades, today make a difference starring in a 360o fight. But let’s explain this in detail.

Identity is in the same definition that by which a person, animal or thing is distinguished of another for the simple fact of being, and of being that way and not another. We speak in countless occasions about identity, that innate thing, nontransferable and inimitable that no one can take away from us. Or so we think. Or that makes us believe.

Societies since its existence have been built based on parameters and schemes predetermined by those who have been awarded power from the beginning, and who have believed imperious to transfer it in books, writings and any educational way to transmit it like this during centuries. That moment dedicated to generating totally sterile labels of meaning is the which leaves the meaning of identity completely annulled.

All these antecedents leave us in a present starring the pre-established premise of what is right and what is wrong, because of the image and experience of external society, without import the experience of those who live this reality. To give name and surname to this argument and touch the ground we need to talk about a tangible circumstance and that in the present it has gained a lot of power such as transsexuality, and in general, the whole group LGTBI.

Clarified the above, and after answering the question of the sense of identity, which, of course, it is not imposed as universal, one can proceed to talk about the struggle that entails. Talk about Hunter Schafer implies irremediably thinking about a 360o revolution led by itself in different sectors and areas of society, culture and politics. Without looking too much into his personal biography, which the Internet already knows found overwhelmed, the young woman who opposes the use of binary language began her career fashion student; his modeling career on the gateways of Versus Versace and Erdem, for say little; her activist career with the complaint against North Carolina and the Bath Law; and his career as an interpreter in the great success that Euphoria has been.

It is not an easy task to lead a battle of this caliber, and that is why our protagonist is seen today as an icon for both trans people and cis people, thanks to some values that go beyond a gender condition, and rise to humans. This bout it is not only for the acceptance of identity, but for the perception of it. “We are much more than complex,” Hunter says by way of nullifying any prejudice about transsexuality and the idea of a vital experience beyond gender.

This last idea can be explained more clearly thanks to the role of Schafer in the series of HBO embodying the enamored teenager, Jules. This fiction tells the different realities that Generation Z lives, as others already did before, superimposed one on the other. Specifically, we are interested in the idea of having tastes, pleasures, experiences and experimentation also as an essential part of identity. Euphoria shows the transexual fight in different ways – from acceptance to exaltation of the feminine condition via makeup-, but in the foreground, it shows life in raw and unfiltered one teenager who lives to test, transmit, fall in love, scream, cry. That’s right, life in raw and no filter of an ordinary person, being transgender, drug addict, a failed queen of beauty contests or a sex addict.

This revolution is explained as well from fiction as from the catwalks or the streets. The final question is to understand why to carry it out. In short, to raise awareness society must make things on trend. When everyone does or follows an event concrete is when it becomes correct. Such a broad struggle is the best way to raise awareness and opt for a global revolution that does not exist yet.

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