A quick and short fashion story by a feminist

As a Fashion worker myself, my social and political voice has been raising as I have been entering the fashion industry deeper and deeper.

At the very beginning of my career, I was still afraid to exteriorize my own opinion about the subject as, even today, Feminism’s still a very unknown ideology.

While I was getting deep into my career, I realize how important is to educate ourselves and share our opinion as insiders due to our commitment to the social structure. But not only that, since I also realized how lucky I am for being part of one of the most global and powerful platforms of all time: Fashion.

Today, I want to talk about feminism throughout two of the most empowering garments (in my opinion) of all times, which are happen to be also my favourites: The bike leather jacket and the suit.

But before starting to talk about them I will love to encourage every person to actually try both of them, look in the mirror and feel how they makes us think about ourselves while we admire us. These two garments have the power to feel unique and free (empowered) as women.

I discovered the magic of this garments while I was recreating various photo shoots of my personal heroes on the fashion industry. Even If I wasn´t the model, I couldn’t resist to try them all and I realized how powerful I felt. But not only that, the model looked fierce so, I asked myself: What if is not about feeling great, but the necessity for us (women) to find statement pieces that will help us to fight the patriarchal situations that we experience day after day?

It is not a coincidence that these two garments have been adopted for certain situations (high level work uniform for example) by women who needed to be empowered.

As both of the garments are statements pieces, designers have understood that a perfect way to arrive to the consumers is adapting both of them to different natural shapes of women, creating a very diverse market.

Every woman is unique and different and they should have the magnificent opportunity to feel that way every day and that’s something that both, the leather jacket and the suit, give them.

This idea has been supported by many celebrities and designers along the fashion history creating the magic around them.

Kate Moss signature biker jacket look or Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo suit are both perfect examples of statement pieces worn or designed by icons and heroes on the fashion industry.

And that has to mean something, something bigger than what you would expect. We are talking about metal structures around a garment.

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