#Radar: Two artists you should LOVE

Thanks to social media we have made great discoveries in recent years and, thanks to them also many artists have been able to promote their work.

Without a doubt this 2019 my favorite and my top 2 recommendation couldn’t be more different and I couldn’t love them more.

Kirby Jenner

Kendall Jenner’s lost brother, Kirby Jenner, has made 2019 his year, and even more so as he will burst onto the television screens in the company of his “sister” and his adopted “mother”.

This fun character manages to make the photoshop his best ally when it comes to sneaking into the model’s shots.


This young australian artist stole my heart via Instagram this December and I quickly became more and more addicted to her work.

The many collages of this young artist manage to capture the attention of the observer in a single second.

Her works always have as protagonist the black skin and celebrates like nobody the artistic and cultural diversity.

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