Why we should celebrate ¨Like a Virgin¨

Yesterday, December 21st, but 35 years ago, Madonna reached USA’s number one with her song ¨Like a Virgin¨, the first of many.

A night not to be forgotten, because it opened the doors to the upcoming storm. The video clip was a before and after in her career: armed with crucifixes (something that angered many religious people) she provocatively walked the Venice canals and offered us thinly veiled sexual fantasies with a lion that walked in St. Mark’s Square.

However, the woman who broke through all the barriers was that bride dressed in white who seduced her husband, a stranger to the viewer. A virgin far from it.

And not content with the result, Madonna discovers another face of herself in all her subsequent performances, a character that will propel her career to the unthinkable and that will give her the strength to go out and conquer the world.

That artist who in 1984 seduced the camera and presented a free, empowered, open and sexual woman, without any hesitation and who gave a boost to female sexuality in the music industry ( the fact that a product was generated from it is another story).

What remains for us today is to celebrate an artist who broke all the moulds, shook the world and gave us one of the most brilliant moments in the music industry.

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