Fashion doesn’t care if you’re a male or a female.

More and more brands and designers are committed to erase the gender barrier in their creations. Nowadays, there is a generation that no longer wonders if a particular garment is masculine or feminine, since the line that divides the gender seems to be extremely small. This new generation has assimilated the codes of true freedom by assuming that any man can wear women’s clothes and vice versa. 

The term genderless, defined as “without gender” is nothing more than a unisex fashion reference, introduced in the 80’s, which allows both women and men the freedom to dress as they wish without depending on for whom it is intended. In favour of the ambiguity of form and style, the genderless tendency arises, with more and more presence as both in the catwalk and in our wardrobes. Neutral and minimalist designs, with strong attitude and personality, that border on androgyny and seek a turn from the traditional concept of the industry to end sexism.

However, we are not only talking about genderless but the term queer is also a term that has gained strength in recent years. Inspired by the lesbian-gay community that, apart from any canon of classification, seeks to express its own vision of its style, always betting on feminine elements and striking details. Within this tendency, which for many is not new, come into play questions that have to do with politics, society and culture. Buying with conscience what makes us feel comfortable and free. Because in the end, everything is reduced to feelings and sensations that a garment gives us to be able to transmit and express what we feel. 

Fashion likes androgyny, but it goes beyond aesthetic games and simple transgression. For many people it acts as a medium to express what is, perhaps, a more transcendent element: their identity. But what happens when that identity does not correspond to their biological characteristics? Sex and gender go hand in hand? Sex has to do with the biology of the individual. It includes the body’s genetic makeup, hormones, and sexual organs. On the other hand, gender is related to the roles and behaviours that each society historically installs depending on its sex. In other words, gender is based on a social construction that depends on ideas and expectations. But even today, we confuse sex with gender and sexual orientation with gender identity.

This fashion film aims to dismantle the labels within the current society. A woman can wear a masculine suit but what happens when a man dresses in feminine garments? Why in this society can’t we wear what we really want without fear of what others will say? Why in this society being a man is better seen than being a woman? Where is the youthful rebellion, the adherence to subcultures and the nonconformity that we have been fighting so much for decade after decade?

Here it comes:  Epicenty

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