Notes on a conditional sound

Times are changing, society won’t.

It’s difficult to start pointing all those things we need to change. The upcoming generations are starting to move, to take a step forward for all the conventional statements that were fixed in our roots. They are trying to make the governments tremble, screaming all those unspoken truths that we are living in but governments are trying to keep them aside: global warming, the constant vulneration women’s rights – or even worse, it’s constant sexualisation, gender statements, the constant occultation of mental illnesses. But what happens to all those voices when even culture turns it’s back to them? Won’t somebody speak that truth?

We kinda hope music will.

Somewhere in England, a few years ago, a group of outsiders addicted to wine, cigarettes and poetry started a new band. Sounds pointless, but thanks to this reunion, one of the most controversial and unknown pop-rock group was born: The 1975.

Rehearsing in a garage in Manchester, UK, Matty Healy, Ross, George and Adam started launching some rock-indie-emo tunes that soon became the sound of a misunderstood generation, full of melancholic, romantic youngsters that wanted to belong to something bigger than them, that wanted to be somewhere else in the world.

Nevertheless, the fame didn’t came easy to the quartet. After releasing their first self titled album- which includes some of their most iconic hits like Sex or Chocolate- their name was only known in England and USA, where they made its firsts shows. The rumour of a group whose singer drunk wine during stage and smoked some cigarettes spreaded like wildfire, and, whether good or bad, that started to define its image to the world. That didn’t stop them to sold out all their tickets, play at Coachella or in the Albert Music Hall. But there was a long way to go, in spite of all of that ado, they won the NME award to the worst band.

But better times were coming. In 2016 “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it” arrived and it was the sound of an era. They started to became somewhat more. They became an aesthetic reference, a way to express emotions in a different way, the kings on unspoken -and personal- truths: Religion, faith, depression, love, hate, drugs, addictions, death, stability, public image. They weren’t a conventional band. They broke gender canons, they talked about whatever they wanted, they weren’t sympathetic, they weren’t mediatic. They were themselves.

And that was completely fine.

After they had to cancel some of their shows in their first international gig due to some health and addiction problems from Matty, the singer, they went on a hiatus about two years and a half, keeping their audience near.

In some rock bands, that would predict its death, but recovery was never a problem and they proved in their next works: they decided to tear some love themes apart and started to reflect about our society, how we conect, how we know each other, what we don’t know about the person who’s right next to us. They started to consder the new generations and the society changes in their art. Art was never something to put aside of the society questions. They started worrying about politics, convivence, and they reflected it in their third album: “A brief inquiry into Online Relationships” (2019)  which is the first album of a trilogy that goes by the name “Music for Cars”, the first name that belonged to the band. “I love if we made it” or “Sincerity is scary” are some of the hits that indicated that the band were here to something more than talking us about love.

And now, in a time where technology approaches our life style, where nobody listens, governments fail us and earth is dying, they wanted to scream with us all of the truths. In their new singles “The 1975” (featuring the activist Greta Thunberg) , “People” or “Frail State of Mind” – that will be in their next album ‘Notes on a Conditional form’ – The 1975 invite us to feel whatever we want, even if its bad, to express ourselves freely, to embrace our Identity. But the most important above all, they invite us to fight. To stand for what we believe. To face society, to change everything, to stay the same.

To rebel, for us.

“Notes on a conditional form” releases on 21st February, 2020

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