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Savage X Fenty Show breaks new groundles with new catwalk concept

Sometimes success does not come from a simple desire for excellence. Sometimes, success is limited by the action of reacting, disturbing and hindering the thought of what has already been established. On this occasion, the celebration of diversity has far surpassed the best women’s lingerie runway show in the world. 

That fashion is not a sub-discipline of art thought only for a few is something that is beginning to be revealed in recent times. Exclusivity, no longer economic, but social, is a factor that vanishes in the 21st century, abolishing rules that disturb somewhat conservative minds. Rihanna has perfectly understood that in an image society it is necessary to convince through visual impact and she does it with a new concept of fashion show that is completely groundbreaking and heartbreaking. 

Savage X Fenty Show is not an exhibitionist catwalk for a new collection, or at least not only that, either for its form, or for its purpose. It’s not about what, it’s about how. It is not a question of product, but of skin, passion, spirit and celebration. It is in Ancient Greece where the canon of human beauty begins to be established as a work of art, and it is Rihanna who speaks of the body without distinction as a piece of art. 

It gathers very different backgrounds, definitions of what is sexy opposed and yet found, fuses inclusiveness, diversity and art in a single concept; it uses fashion as a defense mechanism and fights with the sole aim of extolling predefined as different. Bodies, features and characteristics that are not usual to see rises on a catwalk, or at least not at present united in this way. 

The show begins with a sunset that illuminates the entire stage and even leaves in darkness a landscape that completely immerses us in a painting by De Chirico. All this accompanied by the electronic sound of Voices by Flume and Woo by Rihanna ft. Travis Scott, and strategically opposed to Mass in B Minor (BWV 232) by Johann Sebastian Bach. And in this way, without knowing what will happen, the public is imprisoned in a sea of contrapositions that intertwine delicately and intelligently. 

An exceptional and brilliant choreography by Parris Goebel and the opening of the catwalk by Raisa Flowers, current guest in Rihanna’s shows, give a powerful start to 35 minutes of energetic and strident show. The first act features a collection full of black transparencies, a classic of what is credited as sexy, and a glittering teardrop makeup that evokes the recent HBO series, Euphoria. 

One of the reasons Savage X Fenty Show has been compared to another renowned show in the competition is because of the live music of great artists, both veteran and emerging. Big Sean with I don’t fuck with you and Clique kicks off a followed by artists in the reef. He is joined by Asap Ferg with Bezerk, Migos with Pure Water on a strategically thought-out water stage, and 21 Savage as extra.

The geometric structure built for the occasion is subject to constant changes thanks to light plays, which move the spectator from one stage to another in a very subtle way. A construction with hollow windows becomes one of the main decorations, where each of the dancers or models occupies a place in each cavity. Led by Malokera of MC Lan, Skrillex and TroyBoi, and Deva of Ape Drums and lingerie represent live the mythical Cell Block Tango of the musical Chicago. A devastating shake of women who dance for empowerment and visibility. 

Normani and Halsey star in one of the most seductive moments of the performance, along with other celebrities as acclaimed sisters Hadid, Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne, or Laverne Cox. Dj Khaled reserved for final and accompanied by Fat Joe, Tierra Whalck and Fabolous closed the evening before a final carousel. 

The social activism as a great protagonist, the extolling of diversity and the search for the singular make this runway show a great work to respect. Rihanna unites everything that society has traditionally separated, all those people who by some idyllic law could not live together in the same universe that does not adapt to everyone equally. It separates large sizes, “standard” sizes, LGTBI community, people with limb prostheses or disabilities, racial or gender minorities, fusing them with music, dance, and fashion. Ultimately, art. 

We are talking about the elevation of the concept of fashion show in the moment in which fashion is understood as that beyond the simple product to touch social criticism through factors of mise- en-scène, interpretative and auditory. A magical world, almost unreal, surrounded by fantasy lingerie that expresses, that speaks, that makes you feel in all its possible forms.

Again, it’s not the what, but the how. 

Image by Getty Images

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