The revolution that Hunter Schafer takes beyond Generation Z and the crown as a shemale icon. Main character of one of HBO’s latest greatest tv shows, runway model for Maison Margiela, Dior or Miu Miu, LGTBI community activist, transsexual icon and key figure of the Generation Z at 20 years.... Read More
Photography is currently an element that influences us and our daily lives, so the fact that more women are behind the lens represents a vision and sensitivity about ourselves that we have never seen before. We interview three female photographers every month and always ask them the same ten questions,... Read More


Discover the latest exhibition about street photography in Barcelona's CaixaForum. By Paula Jou

Knowing that «palé» means hidden in caló and pallet in Castilian Spanish (referring to the objects used to transport transformed products out of a factory to the market), the song and music video make... Read More