Today I felt like writing a funny, light and trivial story, and yet while I was laughing at myself and my misfortunes, I realized that, what started out as a simple story, was perhaps a fact that gave me a 180-degree turn in my life (I won’t say 360º because... Read More
While the shows have just finished hitting the runways in Paris, time has come to reflect on the state of Haute Couture itself, its importance nowadays and its future within the fashion industry. From Schiaparelli to Dior and from Vauthier to Margiela, what unites them all is their name written... Read More
Photography is currently an element that influences us and our daily lives, so the fact that more women are behind the lens represents a vision and sensitivity about ourselves that we have never seen before. We interview three female photographers every month and always ask them the same ten questions,... Read More


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